These 4 Simple Strategies Potentially Make You a Millionaire Overnight

The secret lies in innovation

Areeba Merriam
6 min readMay 26, 2022


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We have been constantly bombarded with the terms “rise above the noise,” “get your message heard,” etc., to the extent that their meanings become banal and lose the stimulation that comes with it.

Hence people keep beating their heads to find out the ‘perfect’ way to do things that have never been accomplished before.

In doing so, they often find themselves casting stones on the road to their success.

But wait!

There is another way to get to where you forever have dreamed of.

To restructure the market, innovate it, and make it better.

Yeah, it does require some creativity, but it’s far better than beating around the bush.

The good news is, for thousands of years, the way of doing business has been almost the same; that is, introducing the optimum solutions to people’s problems.

So, here are the four ways you can brainstorm right now and can effortlessly position them in your product.

Redefine Your Product:

Sometimes we don’t need to add a stack of ‘revolutionized’ technologies that might enrich our product.

But a few tweaks of minor changes and engineering can do so much to become the next million-dollar franchise.

An example of it can be seen with subscription-based video platforms.

In 2019, a conventional thought was that:

“We don’t need another Ott platform as we have many, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, etc.”

But Disney had other plans!

They launched Disney+ for the purpose of family-friendly streaming content.

We can’t ignore that people love to watch movies with their families. AND THAT’S THE MOST BASIC TELEVISION PRINCIPLE. Yeah, we did ignore that genre for a long time, but Disney revived it at the right moment.

As per 2022 data, they have a massive user base of almost 140 million people.



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